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Edge AHD EGQ2108 8 Channel

Edge Digital Video Recorder High Performance H.264 with 8 Channels HD Resolution
merupakan pusat penjualan CCTV di Pekanbaru Riau, kami adalah salah satu distributor CCTV di pekanbaru, saat ini kami sedang ..

Base price Rp1.800.000
Sales price Rp1.584.000
Discount Rp-216.000
Price / kg:

EDGE Digital Video Recorder

High performance, H.264 DVRs that are designed to provide high quality images while conserving storage and network resources. Can play up to 8ch simultaneous,
Supports remote viewing on iOS, Android, and Blackberry (edge live technology).

EGA10xx supports up to 1.3MP camera and 1.0MP / 720p recording.

EGA21xx supports up to 2.0MP camera and 1.3MP / 960p recording.

EGA22xx supports up to 2.0MP camera and 2.0MP / 1080p recording.